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  David McKnight                Melanie Shroyer                       

 David McKnight                               Melanie Shroyer                      

David and Melanie have dedicated the last seven years of their lives to herpetological rescue. With no funding they spend all of their hard earned money and all of their spare time caring for these unwanted animals. They truly have a passion for these animals and hearts of gold. I have donated my services to them and made them this website in hopes to reach the hearts of others like themselves who could be generous enough to help these kind people in their mission to save lives. If you could find it in your hearts to make a donation, adopt a herp or donate something else please see our how to help page. They would also love some volunteers if anyone's brave enough!!


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        D & M's Reptile Rescue and Rehabilitation

David McKnight and Melanie Shroyer

Phone (520) 616-0166  Cell (520) 977-2766

 Email - dmreptilerescue@aol.com

At D&M's Reptile Rescue we are really busy caring for our rescued animals. We don't always get a chance to check our emails so if your need to contact us is urgent please call us.

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