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Welcome to D & M's Reptile Rescue And Rehabilitation web site! We are dedicated to rescuing unwanted and mistreated reptiles in Tucson Arizona and surrounding areas. Any donations or adoption fees we receive are used solely for caring for our rescues; food, vet care and housing. We also offer long and short term boarding.

Please take a few moments to browse through photos below and on the next few pages of our rescued reptiles. Many of the animals shown are currently for adoption.

As reptiles are becoming more and more popular as pets the number of these unwanted pets is also on the rise. Many people walk into a pet shop and can easily purchase a cute little snake or lizard not realizing that in a few years these pets grow large, consume large amounts of food, and like cats and dogs, when upset they can have a painful bite. People also don't realize how much care is involved in owning a reptile, even a small one. Reptiles and amphibians require daily attention, food, water and vet care just like any other pet.  Most pet shops do not offer information about care and behavior and their staff is uneducated about the animals they are selling. This is an ever growing problem resulting in many unwanted reptiles.

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Remember that it is illegal to take animals out of the wild. Please do not release any captive reptiles or amphibians into the wild. This can result in spreading disease and polluting the gene pool of wild populations. This can result in elimination of certain species which can disrupt the natural order of the environment. In addition, non-native species are not adapted to survive our rugged desert environment  which means they will probably die. Please be responsible and release your pets to a local reptile rescue.




In Loving Memory

Bandit, a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois with the Chandler Police Department, died Saturday, August 11 2007  after his handler left the dog unattended in a patrol car parked at his house. The high temperature was 109 degrees that day according to the National Weather Service. Ten minutes in 100-degree heat can raise the temperature to 140 degrees inside a vehicle and Bandit was trapped there for over 12 hours. The summer is never a good time to leave an animal in a vehicle because of the extreme heat, we hope the death of Bandit reminds everyone of that.




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At D&M's Reptile Rescue we are really busy caring for our rescued animals. We don't always get a chance to check our emails so if your need to contact us is urgent please call us.

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